Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It’d be so wonderful to be perched high above all, on the highest spot one can find and peer down at the little vagaries of life. Sometimes I wish I were so tall that I really needn’t take the trouble of climbing a mountain. Well I guess you can call that wishful thinking.

I am 5’3”, average height of an Indian woman. Not bad, considering I can see other people’s heads while I’m traveling in a train squeezed for place, can get clothes that fit my build and height, can pass through doors as easily as the air……

Well something happened today that makes me wish I were a teeny weany bit taller.

I was on the 3rd floor sharing a light moment with my friends. After a couple o’ minutes I left for the 5th floor. As usual reached for the exit door casually when suddenly through the corner of my eye I saw a humongous pair of legs beside me. I was startled! One moment I was alone and the next I have a pair of legs for company. I gathered some courage and looked up. I was staring at a 6’6” man with a pile ‘o papers waiting for me to pass through. I was barely able to reach his waist. I was so short. That one instant made me feel like a microscopic dwarf. Suddenly a voice loomed ‘You first.’ That’s when I realised I stared at him a little too long.

I regained my composure and quickly made an exit. I just had to. I couldn’t resist laughing out loud. I had to reach the staircase to let that hearty bubble burst.

Man that was sometime I had today!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I came across this article about Mahajan Jr. and his relation to drugs. One thing that attracted my attention is the author’s question about the values parents inculcate in their children. Considering Mahajan indulging in a booze and coke party just the day before he was to immerse his father’s ashes in the Bhramaputra, makes one wonder what the hell happened to our VALUES?!

Mahajan stuck out like a sore thumb ‘cause Bibek Moitra kicked the bucket. I’m sure that ecstasies and indulgences in high society parties are as common as seeing a man take a piss along the railway lines. You are a weirdo if you don’t share these habits. Where will you get your network? Hey this is a miniscule price to pay taking into account the power circuit you will be inducted into! A lot many people who are into it big time say ‘No, I’m not addicted. It’s just a one-time thing. I can stop whenever I want to.’ Its no surprise when you see them yearning more and more for those moments where you float in the suspension of belief.

Are we so blind, lack restraint or self- esteem that we just want to give up those traditional positive values we have been following for thousands of years to imbibe only the negative side of the western values? They for one are looking for a saviour to pull them out from the neck-deep muck they are drowning in and we think this is a fashion statement! Are we so morally and emotionally weak that we find escapism the only solution?

Several people go astray not knowing what is it that they want from life. There is no vision. They just live an aimless live but, they know one thing for sure, they want money. What use is money when you don’t have a clue as to what you would do with it? This aimless fancy I guess is what results in trysts with booze and drugs. They have the reassurance that their powerful connections can bail them out of sticky situations. Even murder. There are those who wish they had all that powerful stinking rich tycoons have. They live each day thinking about it yet doing nothing about it. They indulge in activities similar to the rich spoilt brats. Only these activities differ in magnitude.

The big question is do we pity the parents or do we pity the children who for reasons known to them went off course or do we pity ourselves who are slowly losing our venerable resilience.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This word ever so common in all the 'K' serials and those sobby vernaculars. It has driven people to such negativity that it is common to hear comments like 'Problems! Oh Lord What am I to do!’ 'Why do such misfortunes befall us?', 'We are the cursed lot!', 'I'm so unlucky!' ......

People fear facing problems 'cause they feel it is a problem to solve a problem. Hey it is so much more easier to pass the buck or in extreme cases 'apne aap ko khallas karna'

Life has its share of ups and downs. If you see the moving up and down as a problem, you'll end up being ever so grumpy, irritable scowl-faced boo-crier who is selfish to think that they are the only one's on earth to see life at it's worse.
Face the goliath, look into its eye and you'll exclaim, 'Man! Why was I scared?' It is all in your mind. This is what makes the positive people stand apart. They never sulk. They just go ahead and fix the fix and move ahead. All they carry with them is the rich experience and the pleasant memories of the hardships and an endearing smile that wards away all those evils that could befall them.