Thursday, October 26, 2006

These pictures were taken about 10 years back in a unassuming place called Krishnapuram, Tamil Nadu.
We always talk about Leonardo, Raphaeal, Berne....the sculptures back here, at home are no less talented. Each of these sculptures is a masterpiece in it's own rite. This article is a tribute to all the unsung artists of our country. Unlike marble these stones are extremely difficult to carve on.

Note the intricate designs and the way the shoulder cloth
is thrown over the shoulders of the male figure

Rambha on a swan. Each strand of her hair is visible. There is a hole in her nose that is just enough for a nose ring!

You can count the ribs on this sculpture!

A goddess, the finger nails are realistic and sharp. The ornaments are detailed and you can put your hand under each one of them.

THis depicts a wild goose chase. A hunter is carrying away the princess. A minister chases him on a horse and strikes him with a spear. The part where the hunter is injured is reddish in colour

Veerabadra, wearing a garland of skulls. The statue is balanced on one foot. You can put your hand under the sole of the foot on which he is standing!

The face cream lotions have cometition! I bet no one can match the smooth surface of this sculpture. The cheeks are as smooth as silk

Arjun dressed as an old man


The god of love, manmathan with his bow of sugarcane. A needle put through the top of the bow will come out through the other end of the bow.


Bharath Hemachandran said...

Lovely sculptures rams.

Yup these artists are so underappreciated!~

There are tons of these sculptures that are lying hidden all over the temples of south india :(

I personally think the nataraj in rameswaram is way better than any european master's work (although it's not stone per say).

Cure for ennui said...

ye there are scores of paintings, murals, sculptures lying undiscovered, uncared for and unappreciated. I was a kid when i saw those sculptures but, each one of them have been eteched in my mind. Ditto when you go north. We basically lack that enthusiasm to conserve our presicois treasures. The biggest example of a dying momument is the Victoria Terminus, VT as it is commonly known, in b'bay.

Revealed said...

My sis is an archeologist. You should hear her on this subject :p.

Cure for ennui said...

ooo! i'd luv to hear her!